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The terms and conditions described here are applied to services booked through Midland Travel, which means services provided by Midland Travel and third party services purchased through Midland Travel. The clients of Midland Travel are deemed to have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions – no signature is necessary.

Last update: March 16, 2023


The client of Midland Travel has the responsibility to select a trip that is appropriate to his/her abilities and interests. The client is held responsible for being in sufficient good health to accomplish the chosen tour. Midland Travel will not pay for any expenses incurred for medical or unforeseen events. Midland Travel and service providers take no responsibility for incidental costs for special arrangements or problems incurred by the passenger being unable to participate in the planned activities.

The client is responsible to ensure that his passport, entry visa or other required documents are in order and meet all the current standards. Midland Travel cannot be held responsible if the entry to the travel destination is denied.
No refund is given for missed visits, meals, early/late departures and disliked visits.

Any complaint or claim should be mentioned immediately to the guide or the person in charge during the tour, or in writing to Midland Travel within 48 hours from the incident. Midland Travel will act as a middleman to assist the client in receiving an official response from third party providers but cannot be held responsible for the service provider’s actions and decisions on the complaint or claims.

Midland Travel strongly recommends all passengers to have travel insurance that covers trip delay, trip cancellation, baggage loss, accident and sickness. Travel insurance is not included in services sold by Midland Travel.

The client must provide local contact details and be available to be contacted by a Midland Travel representative in case of emergency (e.g. last minute changes or alterations to travel arrangements).

The client is responsible to provide Midland Travel with all required documents and information correctly and in a timely manner. Later changes to bookings and reservations may be subject to penalties by third party providers.


Midland Travel and third party service providers reserve the right to alter their itineraries where considered necessary without prior notice. Extra costs as a result of unexpected changes in the itinerary for reasons beyond our control are the client’s responsibility.

Midland Travel cannot be held responsible for missed or delayed tours if no means of communication are provided to Midland Travel or the client was unavailable.

Third party providers and Midland Travel reserve the right to change prices without prior notice in the event of any price increase beyond our control (e.g. governmental taxes).

Midland Travel will not be held responsible for clients who do not arrive on time to the airport for their flights. (90 minutes prior flight for national flights within continental Ecuador, 2 hours for flights to/from Galapagos, 3 hours for international flights)

Midland Travel is not responsible for clients who do not follow instructions.


In order to confirm the services, Midland Travel needs the following information of all passengers:

• Passport copy

– Complete names (as shown in the passport)
– Passport number
– Nationality
– Date of birth

• Phone number and country of residence
• Dietary requests and special medical conditions
• Local contact information (Ecuador)

In some cases Midland Travel needs further information (e.g. size for wetsuit rental).

For child discounts, the client must provide Midland Travel with a copy of the child’s passport.

Upon confirming the service(s) to Midland Travel, the client receives an invoice that specifies the services, costs and payment requirements.

All payments must be received on or before the time limit indicated on the invoice. Failure to remit the payment by the set time limit will result in an automatic change of the reservation status to a provisional basis, the possible inability to restate your reservation, change of price, forfeiture of deposit payments and/or cancellation of the reservations.

Midland Travel has no contractual obligations towards the client until a payment has been received.

The receipt of the client’s deposit or full payment shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the client of all Midland Travel terms and conditions.

All payments received are confirmed in writing by the responsible travel consultant.

Midland Travel will not provide any travel documents until full payment has been received.

Midland Travel will not accept responsibility for bank, credit card and/or courier charges or errors.

Rates are fixed at the time of confirmation by the client. Subsequent discounts or last minute specials offered by service providers after confirming the services are not retroactive.


Most travel documents are in an electronic format (pdf document or similar). Midland Travel will send the electronic travel documents by email or the messaging app used during the booking process.

In the rare case that there is a physical travel document or object that is necessary for the tour, the client has two options to receive these. Pick up the travel documents directly from the Midland Travel office in Quito or have them delivered to the hotel in Ecuador. The pick-up or delivery must be coordinated with the client’s travel consultant.

Generally, all final travel documents are provided by the particular service providers approximately 8 to 14 days prior to the beginning of services. This can differ from operator to operator.


Any cancellation of a booking must be provided to Midland Travel in written form and shall only be effective upon its acknowledged receipt by Midland Travel.

Cancellation policies differ from service provider to service provider. Please contact your travel consultant to inquire about the particular cancellation policies that apply to your service(s).

This is a general guideline (exceptions may exist for some cases):

If you are a “no-show”, your reservation will be considered canceled without having given notice to Midland Travel and the full payment is forfeited.

The time the reimbursement of costs takes depends on the service provider. The average refund period is 30 to 60 days.

Midland Travel will not cover any bank service fees that incur during the process of reimbursement.

Any request to alter a confirmed booking is subject to space availability and the conditions of the third party service provider. Midland Travel may charge an administrative fee.

No expenses are refunded for the following situations:

• For lost travel time or substitution of facilities.

• For itineraries changed after departure.

• For circumstances arising beyond Midland Travel’s control (e.g. alternative arrangements required to ensure the safety and/or further participation and enjoyment of the passenger’s program).

• If the client leaves the program after its beginning, or misses any scheduled activity, meal or accommodation.

• If the client suffers loss of service(s) or inconvenience as a result of traveling without the correct documentation (e.g. passport, visa, vaccination certificate).

• If there are last minute discounts or special offers published after the reservation has been confirmed.



Quick, convenient and easy. Transfer your payment to our account in the USA.

Midland Travel offers safe ways to pay by credit card from abroad. Surcharges of 4.2% – 5.2% for WeTravel and 5.9% for PayPal apply. We also accept credit card payments via Wise to our US bank account.

Send your payment in cash via Western Union. Fees apply.

If you are already in Ecuador, you can pay in cash directly at our office or make a deposit into our local bank account.




Midland Travel – Privacy Policy

Midland Travel is dedicated to maintaining your privacy. All personal information will be treated with extreme care and caution.

Midland Travel does neither sell, nor trade, nor rent any of your personal information. The only purpose for which Midland Travel uses your personal information is to complete your request.
The sharing of your information is restricted to authorized Midland Travel personnel and exclusive service providers (e.g. the boat operator of the Galapagos cruise you have chosen).

Please note that our website features links to carefully chosen websites which may be of interest for you. However, you must be aware that these third party websites might not provide the same level of security as Midland Travel does. It is strongly recommended to read the privacy policies of these third party websites prior to indicating your personal information. Midland Travel is not responsible for data given to third party websites.


Midland Travel uses your personal information only to assure you the best service possible. Your information is required to contact you for travel plans, offers and to complete your travel reservations and documents.

The information that Midland Travel collects may also be used to generate internal statistics with the intent to steadily improve our customer-oriented service.

Midland Travel may send you newsletters with special news or offers that might interest you. You can cancel the newsletter service at any time by emailing Midland Travel at


The Midland Travel website may use “cookies” to enhance your user experience. Cookies generally allow websites to work more efficiently. Some cookies are used to improve the operation of the website and to track user requirements to adapt our services and marketing strategies according to our users’ requirements.

You may change your browser settings to refuse cookies or to alert you when cookies are being sent. Be aware that by refusing cookies, some sites may not work properly.


Midland Travel holds the right reserved to disclose your personal information in the event of it being required by law, government authorities or if the personal information is relevant to any lawsuit.


This privacy policy was updated on March 16, 2023. Midland Travel reserves the right to modify its policy. Any significant change will be proclaimed on our website.

Midland Travel respects your right to privacy and is anxious to protect all your personal information.

For further inquiry concerning our privacy policy do not hesitate to contact us:

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