Witch Hill lies in the northwestern part of San Cristobal Island and features a long white-sand beach. The hill that is called Cerro Brujo in Spanish is an eroded tuff cone. It is located at the beginning of the beach, close to the landing point.
While strolling along the pristine beach, you can observe coastal birds and take pictures with curious sea lions. Opposite Witch Hill lies Kicker Rock, this famous rock formation in the sea makes a lovely background.
The calm and shallow water of the bay makes Witch Hill an excellent snorkeling site for beginners.

Highlights: White-sand beach, sea lions, view of Kicker Rock
Permitted activities: Walking, snorkeling, swimming
Tip: Go to the sun deck when arriving or leaving from Witch Hill to get a closer look of Kicker Rock.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.