The visitor site Tagus Cove lies in a bay on the western coast of Isabela Island, across from Fernandina Island.
During a dinghy ride along the rock walls of the bay, you can observe historical graffiti of different ships that visited the bay. You can also see various sea birds and probably some penguins.
From the landing dock, a steep trail leads you to a viewpoint from where you have an excellent view of the saltwater lagoon Darwin Lake, the bay where the cruise boat is anchored, and Fernandina Island in the background.
While snorkeling, you can observe different fish species and maybe even penguins and flightless cormorants.
Highlights: High chance of seeing penguins and flightless cormorants, beautiful landscape
Permitted activities: Hiking, snorkeling, dinghy ride, kayaking
Tip: Bring enough water for the hike to the viewpoint.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.