Prince Philip’s Steps is one of the two visitor sites on the northern island Genovesa. Its name in Spanish is El Barranco which means cliff. Genovesa Island is a bird paradise and one of the Galapagos highlights because of its abundant wildlife.
The landing spot is at the bottom of a steep cliff from where rocky steps lead to a plateau. Along the trail on the high plain, you can observe hundreds of birds nesting. The most characteristic birds are the red-footed boobies, the Nazca boobies and the frigate birds. However, if you are lucky you might even see Galapagos owls. The Galapagos owl is one of the few owls that hunt during the daytime. They usually hunt for the numerous storm petrels on Genovesa Island.
Prince Philip’s Steps is also an excellent snorkeling site. While deep-water snorkeling along the rock walls, you can observe large fish and rays. Even manta rays and hammerhead sharks have been seen.

Highlights: Red-footed and Nazca boobies, frigate birds, maybe Galapagos owls, smallest marine iguanas, excellent snorkeling
Permitted activities: Hiking, snorkeling, kayaking
Tip: Bring your binoculars and search for the well-camouflaged Galapagos owls on the rocky floor.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.