The visitor site known as Galapaguera Natural is located at the northern tip of San Cristobal Island, far away from civilization. As the name suggests, you can observe giant tortoises completely in the wild at this place. During the hike from the beach to the area where the tortoises live, you can observe typical Galapagos plants like Sesuvium and Palo Santo trees. Apart from the San Cristobal giant tortoises, you will also see other endemic animals like the San Cristobal lava lizard and the San Cristobal mockingbird.
The complete hike takes approximately four hours and as the climate in this area is usually hot and arid, it is important to bring enough water.

Highlights: Giant tortoises in their natural habitat, endemic lava lizards and mockingbirds, Palo Santo trees, Sesuvium plant
Activities: Hiking
Tip: Do not wear bright colors as they might attract wasps.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.