The visitor site Egas Port is located at James Bay on the western coast of Santiago Island. The black sand of the landing beach and the rock arch at the end of it make a breathtaking setting for pictures.
During the hike, you can admire different sceneries from arid palo santo forest to volcanic craters and rocky shorelines. You can also observe many animals like marine iguanas, sea lions and fur seals. There is also a big variety of land and coastal birds. You have good chances to see the majestic Galapagos hawk, amongst other species.
Close to the landing beach, you can still see the remains of the salt mine business that operated at Puerto Egas for some short periods during the 20th century.

Highlights: Fur seals, marine iguanas, land and coastal birds (maybe Galapagos hawks)
Permitted activities: Hiking, snorkeling, swimming
Tip: Be careful when walking over wet rocks at the shoreline because they can be slippery.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.