The visitor site Dragon Hill at the northwestern coast of Santa Cruz Island truly lives up to its name. A hiking trail leads you from the beach through arid vegetation including Palo Santo trees and cacti to a hill where land iguanas live. The land iguana population of Dragon Hill was severely threatened by feral dogs but thanks to the efforts of the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park, the population is thriving again. On top of the hill, you get a nice view of the surrounding area.
At a nearby hypersalinic lagoon you can observe water birds like ducks and you might even get a glimpse of a few flamingos.

Highlights: Land iguanas, Palo Santo trees, chance to see flamingos
Permitted activities: Hiking, dinghy ride
Tip: Smell the intense odor of the Palo Santo tree.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.