The visitor site Asilo de la Paz is located in the highlands of Floreana Island and can be reached from the town Puerto Velasco Ibarra. Its name means Haven of Peace.
It is a rather historical site as the main attraction are the pirate caves that served as a home for the first inhabitants of Floreana Island – the pirate Patrick Watkins, Dr. Ritter and his partner Dora Strauch, and the Wittmer family. There are countless intriguing stories about these Europeans.
Asilo de la Paz also offers some great views of the surrounding landscapes. Furthermore, Floreana Island’s only natural freshwater spring is located here. Close-by you can visit giant tortoises in a semi-natural habitat.

Highlights: Historic site, giant tortoises
Activities: Hiking
Tip: Keep an eye out for Galapagos petrels.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.