The Post Office Bay is a fascinating and fun site with lots of history. A short walk from the beach, there is a barrel that was used as a post office by whalers and other seafarers since the early 19th century. This unconventional post office system works without stamps and persists until now. Leave postcards for your family and friends in the barrel. Then check the mail already in the barrel to see if any postcard is destined for a place close to your home, so you can take it with you and deliver it personally.
If you keep walking inland, you reach a nice viewpoint and finally the entrance to huge lava tunnels. At the long sandy beach, you can enjoy some relaxing beach time or practice snorkeling from the beach.

Highlights: Probably the world’s most unusual post system, lava tunnels
Permitted activities: Hiking, swimming, snorkeling
Tip: Make sure to write down your family and friends’ addresses before leaving.

Activities and visits may vary according to the cruise.