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Visitor sites:
  1. Albemarle Point
  2. Cabo Rosa
  3. Elizabeth Bay
  4. Moreno Point
  5. Sierra Negra Volcano
  6. Tagus Cove
  7. Tintoreras Islet
  8. Urbina Bay
  9. Vicente Roca Point
  10. Villamil Port
Isabela Island

The seahorse-shaped island Isabela is by far the largest Galapagos Island and also one of the youngest ones. This western island is also known as Albermale Island and features several more or less active volcanoes. There is a small town called Puerto Villamil in the southern part of Isabela Island but most of the island remains pristine. The visitor sites along the northern and western coast of Isabela Island are considered one of the Galapagos highlights because of the abundant wildlife you can find here including penguins and the unique flightless cormorants.

  1. Largest and one of the youngest islands in Galapagos
  2. One of only four inhabited islands (Villamil Port)
  3. Exceptional wildlife (penguins, flightless cormorants)
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