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Visitor sites:
  1. Asilo de la Paz
  2. Champion Islet
  3. Cormorant Point
  4. Devil's Crown
  5. Loberia Beach
  6. Post Office Bay
  7. Puerto Velasco Ibarra
Floreana Island

The southern island Floreana captivates with its fascinating history and the intriguing stories about its first residents. The island is also known as Charles Island and Santa Maria Island. It is one of only four inhabited islands in Galapagos. Most of its inhabitants live in the small town of Puerto Velasco Ibarra. Floreana Island is home to one of the most unusual post offices in the world. It was established in the 18th century by whalers and is still working in its traditional way. Besides the interesting historic sites, Floreana Island also features beautiful beaches and excellent snorkeling sites.

  1. Fascinating human history
  2. Send postcards from Post Office Bay
  3. Location: Southern Galapagos
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